The 13th age of Midgard

Archmage's Orrery

The adventurers are contacted by the Archmage himself and asked by him to recover a missing part of the Mystic Orrery. An orrery is a mechanical device that predicts the movement of celestial bodies, and for centuries the Mystic Orrery has accurately predicted celestial events and their effect on magic. However, the Mystic Orrery’s predictions are becoming increasingly erratic, and it turns out that an Archmage of a previous age removed some parts and hid them away from her successors. The whole Dragon Empire is at risk, as the rules
of magic begin to fluctuate. Something big is approaching, something that the current Archmage is unable to foresee. Powerful wards keep the Archmage and his immediate underlings from retrieving the needed parts, but the wards don’t account for people like the adventurers.
The adventurers start the adventure in Vantage, a secret flying city run by the Archmage. Once the first part is retrieved the Archmage will transport the adventurers to the remaining locations.


2.2 To Shockquake.
Quaestor Vastari Durrel once again summons the adventurers to the teleportation chamber. The teleportation warlocks have finished repairing the spinning rings that line the tubular hall, and are ready once more to fling the adventurers into the unknown. The assimar Vastari steps forwards…
“The second missing part of the Mystic Orrery was hidden in a prison called Shockquake, far in the Overworld in a place called the Shattered Realm. Contact was lost with the prison at the end of the last age, when the Diabolist’s plague ravaged the land. It is only recently that we have discovered the prison’s true importance, and have made a concerted effort to find it. We do not know what you will find there, except that the prison definitely has something or someone living there. The missing part of the Mystic Orrery that you are to fetch back is a gear that looks like a crown.
I would wish you luck, but luck is for those that do not have the right spells and skills. You have the right stuff. We will meet again soon.”
With that she hurries behind a protective screen as the rings in the chamber begin to spin to life. With a sensation like falling upwards, the adventurers once again find themselves rushing through the space-between-spaces…

Archmage's Orrery
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