Ravenfolk Haunted One, using the souls of the dead to inflict justice on others


T’Korvin – Ravenfolk Haunted One

Unknown to him how or why it happens, T’Korvin can capture the souls of the dead and use them to augment his physical form in varying ways. He feels guilt that he cannot release them, and uses that to try and inflict justice on the living unjust as respite.

Background, to date:

In Morgau, T’Korvin rose to prominance as a Tombknight and was tasked with guarding the newly dead until they rose into their new forms. Once it was discovered that spirits were being anchored within his own body instead, he was branded a deviant and fled west to Tintager in the Mageocracy.

He served with the Feywardens of Tintager, learning to use the dead captured within his body in the pursuit of bounties on the high elves of the Arbonesse. The coin allowed him to move on, heading west and beyond, and remain ahead of the Morgau agents that continued to pursue him as well as the sense of guilt that haunted him.

Ships are always hiring crew in Barsella, and where better to escape than on the open seas. Keen eyes and a just disposition have made T’Korvin a valued crewmember on the Ardent Wasp as it journeys the western coast.

One Unique Thing – I AM the Claw!
T’Korvin houses a spirit out for vengeance, using his body to punish the unjust and capture their souls to fuel an unknown agenda.

Icon Relationships – 3
1 – Negative – Emperor of Ghouls
1 – Conflicted – Archmage Vermes II
1 – Positive – First Duke-Admiral Cadua

Backgrounds – 8

2 Disgraced Tombknight of Morgau
3 Lookout on the ship Ardent Wasp
3 Stare of Doom

Magic items:
Death ritual rune of Body
Basic bonus: 1 bonus to Physical Defense (champion: +2; epic: +3).
Uncanny Resilience (recharge 6
): When you take damage from an attack against your Physical Defense, prevent that damage for the moment. At the start of your next
turn, roll a normal save (11+). If you fail, you take that damage at the end of that turn. If you succeed, make the same save at the start of your next turn. Keep this up until you take the damage or the battle ends. No Stopping You

Death Rune: Striking
Basic bonus: 1 bonus to attack and damagerolls (champion: +2; epic: +3).
Vital Strike (recharge 16
): When you hit with a natural 16+ attack roll, the target takes 15 extra damage (champion: 40 damage, epic: 90 damage).

Spirit Rune of Healing
Basic bonus: Increase your total recoveries by 1. Instead of rolling one recovery die per level when you use this gift’s recovery, heal 20 hit points (champion: 40 hp; epic: 60 hp).
Healing Spirit: When you rally using this gift’s bonus recovery, it only requires a quick action.
The spirit Harrow does the healing for you.


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