Ariadne Ironhooves

Minotaur Fighter, Fury of Mavros


Aridadne has risen to Sergeant First Class within the Kammae Protectorate, and was the assigned Platoon Sergeant of her unit, the Thunderfist Batallion, before the tragic incident which left her maimed and the only survivor.

She is a fierce frontline fighter and and effective battlefield leader. She has not compensated well physically to her clockwork prostheses and instead tries to fight smarter using less maneuvering, but it is a frustrating challenge

Ariadne is able to leech off the godly power of Mavros without the need for devotion, taught by followers of the Oracle of Kammae who holds the god Nethus bound. It is her own fury at Mavros that lets her use his. (represented by her Aura ability)

Icon Relationships:

1 Positive Oracle of Kammae/ (Priestess)

Ariadne ultimately blames the god of war Mavros for her suffering and wishes him brought down like the Oracle did to the god Nethus, leaving him bound and used. She knows such a feat is nigh unattainable herself, but if the Oracle did it once, she can do it again. She has pledged her loyalty on the grounds that such will be pursued, meanwhile she will eliminate the enemies of the Oracle and minions of Mavros like the Glittering King as well as she may, including protecting her sister-oracle of the World Tree.

1 Negative The Glittering King

The earthly hand that ordered the destruction of her unit, and as a result her limbs, the Glittering King is number one on Ariadne’s list of revenge, followed by his many minions. His tyranny and machinations powered by the god of war Mavros have never been in favor by most of the world, and while he likely doesn’t even know her name, Ariadne Thunderfist will be sure it is the last thing he hears before she ends him personally. The Oracle of the World Tree surely has further information that would help Ariadne bring him down.

1 Conflicted Zobeck

After losing her left hand and right leg in the incident which killed the rest of her platoon, Ariadne’s missing limbs were replaced with clockwork prostheses of questionable agency offered to the Oracle of Kammae to be used on her agent. The agreement made between the Oracle and this icon has not been explained to her, but the Oracle’s promise that Ariadne is first and foremost an agent of Kammae has been enough for now.


Ariadne Ironhooves

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