• Ariadne Ironhooves

    Ariadne Ironhooves

    Minotaur Fighter, Fury of Mavros
  • Astrid "Astra" Slora

    Astrid "Astra" Slora

    Bounty Hunting Valkryie, Hidden Goddess of Lightening
  • AytchKae


    Forgeborn Bard
  • Beebs


    Barbarian Wild Elf
  • Captain Kora

    Captain Kora

    Elf Touched Airship Captian Cloud Dasher
  • Dr. Selina Domaine

    Dr. Selina Domaine

    Professor Selina Domaine now goes by other names: Shadow Stalker, Child-Eater, The Creature of Ghostlight Forest, Mistress of the Maze, Mistress of the Leviathan, Plague Ender.
  • Isabella Bogatier

    Isabella Bogatier

    Spymaster, Ambassador of the Dark Elf Kingdom, Daughter of the Clockwork City, Hero of Briarfort, Honorary Knight of Magdar, Vanquisher of the Three-Headed Dragon of the Screaming Deserts, Foiler of the Diabolical Red, Member of the Gray Ladies, Slayer..
  • Ophelia


    Renowned actress and hero of the three kings incident
  • Rhea Wynters

    Rhea Wynters

    Wood Elf
  • Sheikh Shawlo

    Sheikh Shawlo

    Half Elf Sorcerer
  • Sister Desdemona

    Sister Desdemona

    A ranking member of the Sol Invictus, the witch hunters of the Knights of the Undying Sun
  • Sozin, Disciple of the Wind

    Sozin, Disciple of the Wind

    Human monk with dragon blood, accepted and trained by the Wind Dragons of Marea. Loyal citizen of the Dragon Empire. Would you like to know more? Here's a pamphlet
  • Svetlana


    Asimar Cleric
  • TKorvin


    Ravenfolk Haunted One, using the souls of the dead to inflict justice on others
  • Zuska


    Zobeck Clockwork Mage