The 13th age of Midgard

4.3 Zobeck is saved!

With Stein off fighting undead in other parts of the city with the Knights of the Undying Sun and Rhea overwhelmed with the magical energy emanating from under the town square ; it fell to Beebs, HK, and Desi stop the Ghost Knights of Prince Vintrocious form reaching their goal.

Even being outnumbered 15 to 1 the Heros were able to hold the line until the magical forces being released caused the weakened ground to collapse. The heroes found themselves in a large chamber lit by the glow of a enchanted portal. The walls depicted the story of the Crown of Air and Darkness with the strange addition of a forgeborn champion . Shaken but unhurt the heroes were easily able to defeat the surviving Ghost Knights along with a Deathhellkite that had joined the battle. As the last foe fell, a red mist flew past the adventures and through the portal in the Stone archway.

The adventures quickly followed through the portal and were transported into a chamber. The chamber itself was full of purple and blue crystals. The exact crystals from the former prison of darksky before it fell to earth. Sitting between 2 of the largest crystals on an alter is crown but you know this crown. The last time you saw this phylactery of Baron von Voth you handed it a shadow fey in return for walking the shadow roads back to Zobeck.

Prince Vicitrocious coalesces out of his vampiric mist form with 3 of his Lieutenants before the adventurers and speaks:
“Haha! At last the power of the crown of air and darkness is mine. My night shall reign eternal as I consume the day forever. For long ages I have desired the power of… what, WHAT’S THAT?!”
From behind the adventures a voice speaks out. “Sorry to cut in during your bad guy soliloquy but i’m afraid you have it all wrong.” A man surrounded by supernatural shadows speaks. "You see this is not crown of air and darkness. By the power of my champions you will meet your doom in this carefully laid trap! You should have never plotted with my brother the dark prince or plotted against my favorite city. It was so easy to fool you with the this ancient crown and the magical energy captured from these crystals. Now my champion the 3rd born of the forge shall dispatch you. A rune starts to glow on HK ’s chest illuminating the shocked faces of the heros . With a laugh the prince of shadows fades and memories of his mortal life return to HK.

Prince Vicitrocious looks aghast at being fooled. He starts to become visibly angry, shaking with rage as he moves forward to deal with the Prince of shadows champions.

The battle was brutal with HK using rune enpowered magic and Desi usign her posion breath spells but with a final overhand swing of her club Beebs shattered the crown of Baron von Voth and the head of Prince Vicitrocious below it. A second crack echos through the room as Beebs club splits apart and a dryad emerges. "with the destruction of the lich’s phylactery so ends the lich. My forest is now at rest and Beeb’s rage fades with the fading of the nature spirit. And the battle is won. The remaining forces either fall to pieces or retreat north away from the city.

Zobeck is a resilient city and a week later much of the damage has been repaired. In town square a statue of the 5 heroes is well underway and a special parade to celebrate the saviors of the free city is being planned.

The Prince of Shadows and his champions saved the city. Many the shadow fey aren’t that bad……….


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