The 13th age of Midgard

1.0 To Free a Chained God

“Row hard, pull strong.
The tide turns, sea gods frown.
The Wash is callin’!
“Row hard, pull strong.
Current rushes into caves down.
The Wash is pullin’!
“Row hard, pull strong.
The dark caverns, under town.
The Wash is eatin’!
“Row hard, pull strong.
Death awaits, surely drown.
The Wash is Dyin’!”

Description: Artistic tales spiral counterclockwise around
the full moon:
• A bard rides forth from a castle on a unicorn.
• The bard rings a true note on a pair of brass cymbals.
Story: The bard is a maestro—a master of his musical
craft—and represents the innocence of the mid-summer
night as young maidens seek lovers for the first time.

4.3 Zobeck is saved!

With Stein off fighting undead in other parts of the city with the Knights of the Undying Sun and Rhea overwhelmed with the magical energy emanating from under the town square ; it fell to Beebs, HK, and Desi stop the Ghost Knights of Prince Vintrocious form reaching their goal.

Even being outnumbered 15 to 1 the Heros were able to hold the line until the magical forces being released caused the weakened ground to collapse. The heroes found themselves in a large chamber lit by the glow of a enchanted portal. The walls depicted the story of the Crown of Air and Darkness with the strange addition of a forgeborn champion . Shaken but unhurt the heroes were easily able to defeat the surviving Ghost Knights along with a Deathhellkite that had joined the battle. As the last foe fell, a red mist flew past the adventures and through the portal in the Stone archway.

The adventures quickly followed through the portal and were transported into a chamber. The chamber itself was full of purple and blue crystals. The exact crystals from the former prison of darksky before it fell to earth. Sitting between 2 of the largest crystals on an alter is crown but you know this crown. The last time you saw this phylactery of Baron von Voth you handed it a shadow fey in return for walking the shadow roads back to Zobeck.

Prince Vicitrocious coalesces out of his vampiric mist form with 3 of his Lieutenants before the adventurers and speaks:
“Haha! At last the power of the crown of air and darkness is mine. My night shall reign eternal as I consume the day forever. For long ages I have desired the power of… what, WHAT’S THAT?!”
From behind the adventures a voice speaks out. “Sorry to cut in during your bad guy soliloquy but i’m afraid you have it all wrong.” A man surrounded by supernatural shadows speaks. "You see this is not crown of air and darkness. By the power of my champions you will meet your doom in this carefully laid trap! You should have never plotted with my brother the dark prince or plotted against my favorite city. It was so easy to fool you with the this ancient crown and the magical energy captured from these crystals. Now my champion the 3rd born of the forge shall dispatch you. A rune starts to glow on HK ’s chest illuminating the shocked faces of the heros . With a laugh the prince of shadows fades and memories of his mortal life return to HK.

Prince Vicitrocious looks aghast at being fooled. He starts to become visibly angry, shaking with rage as he moves forward to deal with the Prince of shadows champions.

The battle was brutal with HK using rune enpowered magic and Desi usign her posion breath spells but with a final overhand swing of her club Beebs shattered the crown of Baron von Voth and the head of Prince Vicitrocious below it. A second crack echos through the room as Beebs club splits apart and a dryad emerges. "with the destruction of the lich’s phylactery so ends the lich. My forest is now at rest and Beeb’s rage fades with the fading of the nature spirit. And the battle is won. The remaining forces either fall to pieces or retreat north away from the city.

Zobeck is a resilient city and a week later much of the damage has been repaired. In town square a statue of the 5 heroes is well underway and a special parade to celebrate the saviors of the free city is being planned.

The Prince of Shadows and his champions saved the city. Many the shadow fey aren’t that bad……….

Battle of Zobeck 4.2 The Great Seal

Once every year the City Council and the Clergy of the Gear goddess perform a brief public ceremony in crown square where black bricks are arranged to represent the the black oak of the fairy summer court. Here ate the Great Seal people they lay wreaths of holly and small cakes. It is commonly regarded as a ceremony of appeasement and respect to the fae that ruled these lands in the past. However… the Great Seal might not just be an old Fey house crest but might be guarding the entrance to something else, something hidden.

With the comet passing overhead bringing down magical wards it is a perfect time for Prince Victorious to make a move on Great Seal. If Prince Victorious is able to find the Crown of Air and Darkness he might gain the power to either destroy (or worse subvert, corrupt and control) the daylight realms!

Battle of Zobeck 4.1 legend of the Crown of Air and Darkness

Centuries ago, the legendary Crown of Air and Darkness was a wedding gift from the goddess of Night and Magic to one of the demon lords, thought to be the Demon Lord of Blind Ambition. The wedding was more an alliance of convenience between the black goddess and her demonic consort, but it was celebrated with all the planar pomp and ceremony.

The crown itself was meant to seal the alliance. It bound a portion of the goddess’s divine power into physical form. In particular, the goddess’s gift strengthens evil, calls the winds, and blots out the sun — a gift worthy of a demon lord.

The wedding between divinity and demonism was disrupted by the timely intervention of the goddess’s daughter and her former husband. In the ensuing melee, the crown was lost. Its
disappearance cemented the rift between the goddess of the shadow fey and the demon lord’s followers. Each accused the other of having stolen the crown. The gods of light clearly
had not taken it, for they continued to search for it to this day.

Battle of Zobeck 4.0 The walls are breached!

The battle lulls. The adventurers have a chance for a full heal-up, aided by clerics loyal to the machine goddess. The griffon riders have spotted a massive wave of undead shambling down the north road and have left the city to fight them before they can reach the city. However, this has left the soldiers in the city with minimal air cover. Hopefully the airships of the dwarves and eagle riders of the elves will reach Zobeck soon. The battle of Zobeck is going to be a grim one.
Most of the citizens that can fight are being given excess weapons by the troops of the citadel. The adventurers are left to their own devices. The marketplace has been more or less abandoned. The battle for Zobeck is still going on, but is for now restricted to the outer wards of the city.
With an unholy cry the undead smash the defenses of the Dwarfgate and overwhelm the defenders. leading the horde are swarms of spirit surround 5 giant skeletons each the size of a house. The fight is coming to the adventurers, and they have only a short time to prepare before the tide of undead reaches them.

Battle of Zobec

The adventurers head to their friend Zadro’s farm for either a well-deserved rest or a reason or two connected to their icon relationships and previous adventures, depending on the adventurer. Unfortunately they get caught up in a bold invasion by the forces of the Blood Princes, and are forced into action to defend Zobeck from attack.

AO 2.2 To Shockquake.

Quaestor Vastari Durrel once again summons the adventurers to the teleportation chamber. The teleportation warlocks have finished repairing the spinning rings that line the tubular hall, and are ready once more to fling the adventurers into the unknown. The assimar Vastari steps forwards…
“The second missing part of the Mystic Orrery was hidden in a prison called Shockquake, far in the Overworld in a place called the Shattered Realm. Contact was lost with the prison at the end of the last age, when the Diabolist’s plague ravaged the land. It is only recently that we have discovered the prison’s true importance, and have made a concerted effort to find it. We do not know what you will find there, except that the prison definitely has something or someone living there. The missing part of the Mystic Orrery that you are to fetch back is a gear that looks like a crown.
I would wish you luck, but luck is for those that do not have the right spells and skills. You have the right stuff. We will meet again soon.”
With that she hurries behind a protective screen as the rings in the chamber begin to spin to life. With a sensation like falling upwards, the adventurers once again find themselves rushing through the space-between-spaces…

Archmage's Orrery

The adventurers are contacted by the Archmage himself and asked by him to recover a missing part of the Mystic Orrery. An orrery is a mechanical device that predicts the movement of celestial bodies, and for centuries the Mystic Orrery has accurately predicted celestial events and their effect on magic. However, the Mystic Orrery’s predictions are becoming increasingly erratic, and it turns out that an Archmage of a previous age removed some parts and hid them away from her successors. The whole Dragon Empire is at risk, as the rules
of magic begin to fluctuate. Something big is approaching, something that the current Archmage is unable to foresee. Powerful wards keep the Archmage and his immediate underlings from retrieving the needed parts, but the wards don’t account for people like the adventurers.
The adventurers start the adventure in Vantage, a secret flying city run by the Archmage. Once the first part is retrieved the Archmage will transport the adventurers to the remaining locations.

The Castle of ALL Seasons

The party is welcomed at the castle gates by a monolith suit of empty armor. It proclaims that they can stay but a single night before must be gone within a day.
The heroes explore the run down castle but find nothing but mice, owls and foxes. They suspect they are being deceived by the illusionary tricks of the fey. After several unsuccessful attempts by the magical animated armor and floating wizard robes. Some of the lesser servants started to appear to Capt Kora. Apparently with each battle the group earned respect and reputation.
Sozin manged to win the approval of the lantern drake but shortly the queens dogs and ravens were called to eject the party. The dogs turned out to be demons that stand upright but look like dogs. The ravens were Tengu duelists who set into the party. Although they fought valiantly they could not overcome the last demon dog and found themselves ejected from the grounds. They awoke in a cabin in woods.

Down the shadow road
Have fun at the castle.

Our heroes make their way down the shadow road towards the castle of all seasons. The shadowrealm is place unlike anything the heroes have seen. While there is no sun or stars there seems to be a wisps of light as if the sky is covered by a web. The chill in the air soaks into the bones and the adventures keep moving to stay warm. The forest is constantly rustling but you never see anything.

Unwilling to step off the road to investigate the group quickly continues on. On the shadowroad you never get hungry and that is a blessing because the food has no taste. It’s like the air sucks out all the flavor. Grey grey grey everything is grey. All whispers of nothing ringing in your ears.

The road continues down the mountain into the forest. Sozin leads the way until the road ends suddenly. Some giant has ripped up the road and stacked the stones into menhirs. Lupta used his racial connection with the giant owls to call the shadowy raptors to carry the heroes across to the other side of the gap.

After a life time of walking the road once again disappeared only to be replaced by a river. Capt Kora noticed something familiar with the water. Something reminded her of the sky realm mirages that plague sky skips when they go too high. Captain bravely steps into the water. The water swirls away reveling the road.

Sozin resorts to telling the heroic stories of the dragons from the Mharoti Empire to pass the time. He was just getting started on the tale of the white drake Menfordigbog and the unlucky pink skin when the heroes are attacked by dire shadow bees. Each has stinger that is as long as the body. The grey and white bees are able to find their way between the joints of the sturdiest armor. This wasn’t the first time that Sozin has bee attacked by giant insects. Back in when he was sailor on the windjammer they happened to bump into the a swamp of bees when searching for fresh water on an island. Luckily ships cook taught him how to make a repentant using Local flowers, dirt, and bottle of troglodyte musk.

The heroes follow the shadowbrick road till the heroes are stopped by 3 forest marauders. Each 10 feet high and demand that they move out of the way of her elfiness . All the years as captain of the Clouddasher commanding sailors gives her an authoritative tone. The giants and their previously hidden shadow haunt allies make way for the party. Clearing the road to the Castle. Kora turns to Lupta and says "you were right and I was less right. you don’t have to kill everything you encounter. "

The road ends at the bottom of a winding stair leading up a hill side. The dim light brightens for a moment, just enough to see towers and walls on two hills to the right and left.


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