Icon Rolls

The tables below are lifted from http://slyflourish.com/icon_rolls.html – but I’ll add items to them over time.

At the beginning of a session, the GM will give tokens to everyone who’s made a successful icon relationship roll (at least one result of 5 or 6.) The players can spend their tokens during that session to get benefits. Tokens gained from a 5 result come with a complication as well as a benefit.

For a nice example of how “Disarm a trap or surpass an obstacle” could look in play, see the section IDEA THREE: FLOATING BOONS in this blog post.

Iconic 5 Roll Benefits

  • Succeed at a minor skill check.
  • Receive a potion, scroll, rune or mundane magic item.
  • Restore one recovery.
  • Redistribute recoveries among the party with 1d4 losses.
  • Anything on the 6 list below, except for acquiring magic items, but at a cost.
  • Do something awesome, but at a cost.
  • Iconic 6 Roll Benefits

Anything from the 5 roll benefit list above.

  • Discover a magic item (one per character level).
  • Succeed at a major skill check.
  • Re-roll an attack roll and take the better result.
  • Let an ally re-roll an attack and take the better result.
  • Force an opponent to re-roll and take the worse result.
  • Acquire a loot bundle (roll on the minor loot list and re-roll 1-5).
  • Save someone from death.
  • Redistribute recoveries among the party with no loss.
  • Restore two recoveries for yourself or an ally.
  • Gain +2 to all defenses until the beginning of the character’s next turn.
  • Disarm a trap or surpass an obstacle.
  • Do something awesome without a cost.

Iconic 5 Roll Costs

Some uses of 5 rolls come at a cost, complication, or penalty. The list below are examples of penalties PCs might accept.

  • Lose a recovery.
  • Take a pile of damage.
  • Monsters may re-roll an attack roll.
  • Take -2 to defenses until the beginning of the PC’s next turn.
  • Lose your next standard action.
  • Lose a magical item.
  • Gain the unwanted attention of a foe or lose the attention of a wanted foe.
  • Inflict any of the above on an ally.

Icon Rolls

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