Sozin, Disciple of the Wind

Human monk with dragon blood, accepted and trained by the Wind Dragons of Marea. Loyal citizen of the Dragon Empire. Would you like to know more? Here's a pamphlet


18 Dex/Wis, 8 Int/Cha.
Sozin grew up in the Monastery of the Wind, trained by the Wind Dragons, isolated from society completely excepting the few other human/mixed-breed disciples. As a result, he is absolutely naïve in the ways of other societies and cultures (int 8), and has no social filter when expressing satisfaction, and preaching, of a human’s place amongst dragons (cha 8). The rituals and oral traditions of the Wind Dragons have left him confident and serene of this worldview, utterly (wis 18). He has no ambition to alter his worldview, only to learn more how to embrace the Element of Air.

Sozin is a human with Wind Dragon mixed-blood ancestry. He is one of few acknowledged scions of the Wind Dragons, due to having no obvious physical deformities, and hence was saved from sacrifice as an infant. Physically, this ancestry manifests only as an utter lack of hair, but it is evident in his unnatural ability to bend the Element of Air to his purpose. His current elemental savvy is a product of training, since infancy, by the Wind Dragons of the island states of Marea in the Dragon Empire, led by Yiraz Azah, The Cloud Chaser, Morza of Silver Frost, Khanum of the Province of Marea.

Icon Relationships:
1 Positive Dragon Sultana.
Sozin is a loyal citizen of the Dragon Empire, particularly to his home province of Marea and the Wind Dragons who lead it. It is they who acknowledged his mixed-blood potential and cultivated his growing affinity with the Element of Air.

1 Negative First Duke-Admiral Cadua
A longtime enemy of the Empire, the First Duke-Admiral’s forces tried again and again to stop the Dragon Empire ship Windjammer on which Sozin took passage from crossing the sea lanes of Triolo. The forces were humiliated again and again and Sozin and the crew were very vocal about it on their visits to shore, up and down the peninsula of the Seven Cities. Oh, the laughs they shared!

1 Negative The Archmage Exarch Vermes II.
The Mageocracy is home to many schools of magic, including the study of the elements. In his travels, Sozin opted to try and discover what they know about the Element of Air. What he did not foresee was the innumerable laws and bureaucracy that would land him in prison for merely discussing in public the superiority of Dragons and the Empire, and the proper place of humans when the Empire finally conquered this region. He has yet to discover what happened to the Windjammer and his fellow sailors.

4 Disciple of the Wind Dragon
2 Sailor on the Windjammer
2 Friends on the Inside

Sozin has spent months on the prison island and has managed to draw some followers. Some he outfought and impressed with his martial mastery, while others succumbed to his preaching regarding the lowly place that humans inhabit in relation to dragons out in the world and believe themselves enlightened by this wisdom. These followers have helped Sozin survive his time in the prison in return, and may continue to do so as the adventure continues.


Sozin, Disciple of the Wind

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