Goblin Gang Leader


This skinny goblin of average height has a distinctive tuft of spiky red hair sticking out from under his cap. A well-used sling hands from his belt, and his pockets budge with all manner of random shapes.


Coin motivates Slinger, but he very much enjoys harassing the law, so he occasionally takes such jobs on the cheap.

Groups and individuals hire his gang to cause disruptions, harass people, or to outright kill targets from a distance with their slings. Slinger will not accept jobs to assassinate Kobold Kings, as he prefers to let the kobolds deal with their own political issues. Everything else is fair game.

Slinger runs a gang of 30 ambush specialists headquartered near Scaler’s Alley in the Kobold Ghetto. Slinger’s a goblin of some personality who has managed to make a home and a living deep in kobold territory.


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