Bouncer at the King’s Head Tavern


A trollwife, broad in the shoulders and the hips, with skin that looks dusted with dirt or pepper looks at you with a sour expression. “I don’t know any of you. Why should I let you in to see the King?”


Peppercorn works as the bouncer at the King’s Head tavern. Unless she knows a patron, she does not allow anyone entrance without a Diplomacy check (DC 15 to get from indifferent to friendly, and DC 30 to get to helpful). If the party cannot smooth talk their way in, they can offer a minimum 200 gp bribe to gain a second attempt at Diplomacy, or they can try to convince one of the regulars to bring them in as a guest. Forcing their way in or failing to sneak in brings out Pepper’s beloved greataxe.


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