Renowned actress and hero of the three kings incident


Ophelia is not your typical, gloomy, sulky necromancer. Instead, Ophelia is more of a happy type, one of those irrepressible theater majors. If she was a Powerpuff Girl, she’d fall into the Bubbles category. She just as an affinity for the dead, and a need to be the center of attention…especially since she secretly doesn’t mind that she kills off the men she sleeps with—that way they can never leave her….if only she could complete her collection with a Hamlet, to love forever and ever…maybe one day she’ll find him.
Ophelia is forever accompanied by her latest skeleton beau, whom she has named Yorick. Clothing makes the man and, since Ophelia is dressing him, he is dressed to compliment the renowned actress.

Primary Motivators: Fame, understanding
Emotional disposition: Excited
Outlook: Distrustful
Integrity: Manipulative
Impulsiveness: Flighty
Affinity: Self-absorbed
Sense of humor: Mean-spirited
Favorite Topics: Herself
Quirks, habits and oddities: Snores, talks in sleep, sleep walks
Hobbies: Research, voracious reader (romance), acting, cards


Unlike all my other 13th Age characters, Ophelia’s parents are alive and well. A thin, sickly girl, Ophelia grew up to be a thin, sickly, beautiful woman among the dusty bookshelves of her parent’s book shop, where she read voraciously, pouring over literature, tales of adventure romance, and strangely, tomes regarding the dead. Yes, she thought it weird when she found a dead mouse in the back of the store and, with a thought, she made the corpse stir, stand up, and even dance. By the end of the week she had dead mice performing scenes of her favorite stories. Never once did she think it odd, or macabre; she had always felt at ease with the dead. However, she wasn’t prepared for what came next in her life.
Young love: One night, Ophelia had met her first love, Yorick, in his family’s barn. He had been the first, and she was devastated when he became terribly ill during the following weeks and died. AFter much grieving, life goes on and next, she had been lured by the blue eyes of Horatio. He, too, became sick and died. After that, her next love, Guildenstern, perished from some sort of wasting sickness. Ophelia’s heart couldn’t take such tragedy. What was worse: they always came back. A week after being buried, Yorick, dressed in the tattered remnants of his funeral attire, ambled to Ophelia’s house, where he was met by Ophelia’s screams and a shovel that caved in his skull. Horatio met with a similar demise, his unlife snuffed out by a mob who found him staggering down the streets. Ophelia, this time, with tears streaming down her pale cheeks, met Guildenstern as he was clawing his way from the grave. With a whisper, she released him from the mortal world, but no before discovering she could control him.
The town of ________ was filled with too many memories, too much tragedy, and so Ophelia left, joining an acting troupe. Still, she continued to study the arcane, aided by the wizard Rosencrantz who produced illusions for plays. One thing led to another, but before things led to another thing, Ophelia confessed to the deaths of her previous young lovers. Rosencrantz, deeply enamored with the young beauty with the golden hair, removed her fear, telling her that his magic would protect him. It didn’t. A week later, someone reported a shambling figure hanging around the outskirts of the camp. Ophelia, knowing it to be the desiccated body of her most recent love, left the camp with him in tow, seeking the wisdom of the Priestess.

Ophelia, the actress voted “Most likely to sleep her way to the top”, survived the world tree, and the haunted castle of Wolfenstein, whose horrors paled compared to seeing dead lovers peer through your window pane night after night. Ophelia continues searching for a cure to her curse, but, in a dramatic moment, revealed that she secretly revels in it. Each dead lover means that she is forever the center of attention, forever within the spotlight for one very lucky (or unlucky) man who, after sleeping with her, rises once more as Ophelia’s undead minion. But, has she embraced her curse or does she continue to seek a cure (kinda like Bruce
And yet, her guilt tears at her, even winding her up in the Zobeck Asylum and Home for Wayward Girls after she was was found wandering a castle’s hallways in a sleepwalking state complaining about how much blood she has on her hands. She has since been “sprung”, having been declared sane and later opened up a dinner theater (“Ophelia-ups!”) after completing a harrowing mission.
Still, young men go missing…and those visiting the graves find them empty, the wooden graves and dirt spilled out as if something had clawed its way out…

Favorite moment: revealing her twisted little secret in the world tree.


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