Mama Rye

Prophet of the Crab


Despite standing just over five feet tall with thin, iron gray hair, no one is fooled by Mama Rye’s age and physical frailty; a domineering personality instantly establishes her as a force to be reckoned with in any social exchange.

Mama always likes a good gift


Mama Rye (ZG – see Chapter 7, pg. 82)—the 62 year-old matriarch of the powerful Galati clan and the closest thing the Kariv have to nobility—is the most renowned crab diviner in Zobeck.

Mama Rye also prominently bears the sign of the Cloven Nine, a nine-pointed star, on the back of her left hand. If asked about her diabolical branding, Mama Rye coolly responds, “Aye, in the battle between the heavens and hells, my allegiance was chosen for me.” She refuses to elaborate.

She has a homunculus named Aden that resembles a child’s doll with a scaly skin.

Mama Rye

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