Knuckletooth the Sluagh



A sluagh is the fey spirit of an unclaimed soul, said to live in part of Zobeck and speak with people about the niflheim road ritual Like most of its kind, it has pale grey skin, stringy black hair, and jagged teeth in an oversized mouth. It loves the sound of crying dwarves and has a taste for freshly butchered pigs’ knuckles.

The underfolk collect information ( secrets are better though), and barter their knowledge to interested parties. Revelation is joy; the more unsettling the revelation, the greater the joy. While Seelie use their knowledge for more noble ends, Unseelie can make a crooked living through blackmail. Secrets are but one commodity to them, though. Broken toys, strange knickknacks and anything resonant with nostalgia makes for an excellent item for trade. Outsiders are mystified by the value sluagh place on these items, but then again, perversity is the sluagh’s trademark.


Courts of the Shadow Fey Adventure

It is one of the few fey in the city that ever show themselves although it likes to hide and speak from the shadows. When it speaks—in Elven, of course—it likes to play games with questions. It is an ageless thing, a haunt of the city, and is quite cruel and secretive in its dealing with the city’s mortals—but remarkably kind to children and animals.

Knuckletooth the Sluagh

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