Chevalier Silas Armand



Healer, alchemist, philanthropist, and eccentric in the Clockwork City’s more affluent quarter near Crown Square—is a quiet man. He is occasionally a gentleman about town, but no more than necessary to avoid the scurrilous rumor-mongering of his peers. Indeed, Armand’s only feverish desires run toward the schools of alchemy. His closest companions are his beakers, cauldrons, and nose-searing alchemical compounds. He is over fond of the strange essences of dangerous roots, flowers, and the lethal venoms of man-eating monstrosities.

Armand’s reputation as a healer is well known, and because of his charitable nature he visits Zobeck’s most downtrodden offering potent cures for common ailments. His family fortune ensures he rarely asks for payment for his services, and he supplies local heroes with potions at reduced cost. Armand’s lamp-lit form can oft en be glimpsed late into the misty hours of the chill morning, shuffling about within his lavish apartments. This silhouette is easily identified by his rail thin, slightly hunched frame, and the characteristic limp he has displayed since childhood. Most just assume Silas paces the night as his mind runs the maze of some new curative recipe.

Chevalier Silas Armand

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