The 13th age of Midgard

The Castle of ALL Seasons

The party is welcomed at the castle gates by a monolith suit of empty armor. It proclaims that they can stay but a single night before must be gone within a day.
The heroes explore the run down castle but find nothing but mice, owls and foxes. They suspect they are being deceived by the illusionary tricks of the fey. After several unsuccessful attempts by the magical animated armor and floating wizard robes. Some of the lesser servants started to appear to Capt Kora. Apparently with each battle the group earned respect and reputation.
Sozin manged to win the approval of the lantern drake but shortly the queens dogs and ravens were called to eject the party. The dogs turned out to be demons that stand upright but look like dogs. The ravens were Tengu duelists who set into the party. Although they fought valiantly they could not overcome the last demon dog and found themselves ejected from the grounds. They awoke in a cabin in woods.


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