The 13th age of Midgard

Down the shadow road

Have fun at the castle.

Our heroes make their way down the shadow road towards the castle of all seasons. The shadowrealm is place unlike anything the heroes have seen. While there is no sun or stars there seems to be a wisps of light as if the sky is covered by a web. The chill in the air soaks into the bones and the adventures keep moving to stay warm. The forest is constantly rustling but you never see anything.

Unwilling to step off the road to investigate the group quickly continues on. On the shadowroad you never get hungry and that is a blessing because the food has no taste. It’s like the air sucks out all the flavor. Grey grey grey everything is grey. All whispers of nothing ringing in your ears.

The road continues down the mountain into the forest. Sozin leads the way until the road ends suddenly. Some giant has ripped up the road and stacked the stones into menhirs. Lupta used his racial connection with the giant owls to call the shadowy raptors to carry the heroes across to the other side of the gap.

After a life time of walking the road once again disappeared only to be replaced by a river. Capt Kora noticed something familiar with the water. Something reminded her of the sky realm mirages that plague sky skips when they go too high. Captain bravely steps into the water. The water swirls away reveling the road.

Sozin resorts to telling the heroic stories of the dragons from the Mharoti Empire to pass the time. He was just getting started on the tale of the white drake Menfordigbog and the unlucky pink skin when the heroes are attacked by dire shadow bees. Each has stinger that is as long as the body. The grey and white bees are able to find their way between the joints of the sturdiest armor. This wasn’t the first time that Sozin has bee attacked by giant insects. Back in when he was sailor on the windjammer they happened to bump into the a swamp of bees when searching for fresh water on an island. Luckily ships cook taught him how to make a repentant using Local flowers, dirt, and bottle of troglodyte musk.

The heroes follow the shadowbrick road till the heroes are stopped by 3 forest marauders. Each 10 feet high and demand that they move out of the way of her elfiness . All the years as captain of the Clouddasher commanding sailors gives her an authoritative tone. The giants and their previously hidden shadow haunt allies make way for the party. Clearing the road to the Castle. Kora turns to Lupta and says "you were right and I was less right. you don’t have to kill everything you encounter. "

The road ends at the bottom of a winding stair leading up a hill side. The dim light brightens for a moment, just enough to see towers and walls on two hills to the right and left.


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