The 13th age of Midgard

Battle of Zobeck 4.0 The walls are breached!

The battle lulls. The adventurers have a chance for a full heal-up, aided by clerics loyal to the machine goddess. The griffon riders have spotted a massive wave of undead shambling down the north road and have left the city to fight them before they can reach the city. However, this has left the soldiers in the city with minimal air cover. Hopefully the airships of the dwarves and eagle riders of the elves will reach Zobeck soon. The battle of Zobeck is going to be a grim one.
Most of the citizens that can fight are being given excess weapons by the troops of the citadel. The adventurers are left to their own devices. The marketplace has been more or less abandoned. The battle for Zobeck is still going on, but is for now restricted to the outer wards of the city.
With an unholy cry the undead smash the defenses of the Dwarfgate and overwhelm the defenders. leading the horde are swarms of spirit surround 5 giant skeletons each the size of a house. The fight is coming to the adventurers, and they have only a short time to prepare before the tide of undead reaches them.


You’re resting when you get a knock on your door. A cleric informs you that there are several undead blobs climbing up the walls of the city. He is asking us to help, take out one of them to protect the gate. Stopping one will give everyone time to escape. We have to get to the dwarf gates fast.

Beebs is helping us get through the back streets and short cuts to get to the gate. She also makes crazy eyes at everyone so that they make way for us. They are all afraid of her crazy eyes barbarian. HK uses secret tunnels that allows them to get to the gates faster. Rhea persuades horses to give them a ride to the gate so that they can get there faster through the streets. Stein calls out to the people of the city to move out of the way. They see him, but only a few of them move away (fail).

Battle chart:
On the chart you start on a D8 and every success you go up the die. Higher number is better for the players so we did well clearing we had better results in our battle dice. At the start of every round, one player will roll the battle dice.

 You are let through the gates and a corpse mound is standing before you. (Rolling undead skeletons with glowing red eyes. A few of them have bows, 10th level wreckers.)

 Corpse mound is out in the distance from the city while skeletons rise from the river to attack.

(You shall not pass)

 We see flying bats in the distance that attack us. You see a vampire prince/blood prince in the distance riding an undead dragons.

 HK starts to play his song and we get 1+ attack and saves plus we have +2 for Save.

 Prince Venticus enters the battlefield and the escalation dice goes down a number.

 Silas Armond arrives, famous healer in the city who sells potions in the market, at the gate. He shakes a cylinder and it transforms into crossbow, dart hits you with a healing dart. (use a recovery as a free action next turn.)

 Rhea destroys the corps while the soldiers hold chickens in the air with chanting for Rhea.

 You go back into the city to assist and we are asked to help one of the districts.

 HK decide to assist the temple district. When we arrive there are red cultist that decide to attack the temple. They are with Marina (God) red goddess of death, blood maiden, winter maiden, and known as a blood goddess, lust and destruction. She is feared by many. HK uses his charisma and gathers them together to prevent them from attacking the temple.

 Beebs decides she wants to go into the streets with the college. College students have a dinner party who have no fears. They have a sturdy barricade that has a ghost ship that breaks down the barrier. You can see Captain Buttercup order her men off the ship and to attack the terrified college morons.

 Enemies: Green ghost, translucent ghost, purple headless ghost, and 4 vampire blood mages.
HK kills Translucent Ghost.
Beebs kills 2 vampire blood mage
Rhea kills Green Ghost and 1 Vampire Mage
1 vampire disappears

Rhea: 218 HP-3= 215-50=165-18=147-30=117-50=67+61 =128HP+74=202HP

 The blood princes forces fall back (roll die goes from d12 to d10).

 Clockwork watchmen come in and does 10 on going damage to one enemy.

 See the Zobeckian banners in the distance which allows the dice to go up to D12 again.
 (Gain quick rest)

 You stake the dead bodies of the students since they were bitten by the vampires. Rhea stakes one with her staff while stein takes care of the other college. They burn the bodies in honor of their sacrifice.

 Cobalt ghetto is where we get called to next. The area is narrow so the bigger undead are not able to get into this area. You see Zombies in the ghetto. All of a sudden rocks start falling from the houses with a shout – You’ll never catch me alive!

 Slinger the goblin gang leader. Goblins are around 30 running along the roofs and believe that we are undead.

(Slinger = This skinny goblin of average height has a distinctive tuft of spiky red hair sticking out from under his cap. A well-used sling hands from his belt, and his pockets budge with all manner of random shapes.)

 HK strikes a pose (much like his statue in the city of Zobeck), playing theme music behind him, cape flying in the distance while confetti randomly flies behind him. He tells them that they are on the same side.

 Slinger recognizes HK and he states he can’t tell the difference between us and the Zombies. He says that he has this area covered… for a fee. HK tells him he can claim their fee from the musketeer’s brigade.

 Market district is where Rhea wants to go because she has to find the chickens. The Dagger daughters have accused the cloven nine gang of being part of the undead army. Everyone was attacking each other when Rhea walked into the area, starting to chant. She was taught a great spell from the high druid that called for all chickens in around the area. The chickens arrived and started to go into circles, starting to hypnotize the gangs. They slowly stop fighting and the spell w/ the chickens calm down the groups. They were freaked out from the appearance of crazy beady chicken eyes, running away.

 You hear an undead whale as the undead are coming towards the city. You decide that the best use of your time is to build barriers.

 Success barricades will gain extra one for all defenses until escalation dice ends 2. (all characters)

 Stein uses his great strength to tear boards apart and combine the barricades. Beebs used her monster hunter skill builds barricades. HK finds a supplies and confiscates the creates and charisma to fancy talk the crates. Rhea still has chickens flying around in the market place and calls on them to go collect pieces for the barriers. One comes back with a flower as rhea smacks it with her sorcery book, yelling at it for not collecting anything useful. They all yell at Rhea to stop playing with the chickens and start building. She users her sorcery magic to help build the barriers.

 5 necromancer, 3 big bone skeletons (mooks) , 18 the (abhartach) shades (mooks) , and 2 skeletons. (mooks)
Beebs – 20+ shades, 1 skeletons, 1 necromancer.
Rhea – 3 Shades, 4 skeleton, 2 necromancer
HK – 1 shades

 Griffin riders fly pass and unleash arrows raining from the sky. 1 enemy takes 15 damage to the Necromancer. (due to battle dice) Stein gives everyone +1 to all saves.

Rhea: HP = 202 – 32 = 170HP-16 – 12 =

Recovery = 178+48=220HP
+1 attack and +1 save with HK’s song till escalation dice is 2.

Bonus for Level 6 Elf Queen chip = Assault is being led by Prince Victorious, while at court the elf queen was talking about him since he is one of the oldest vampires in the world. He is so old he remembers the times before the ghoul empire. We get to avoid prince victorious once in the next battle.

 We go to the gear district, mass battle! The wall has fallen and through the fallen hole is

 Giant Battle!!!
 5 giant skeletons (mooks), 1 necromancers, 1 death dusthelkte (not undead) (Aka Oogie Boogie)

Necromancer = 102 (Bloodied)+ 52 damage = HK Kills
Skelton 1 = 73 (40 on going damage) = Beebs kills
Skelton 2 = 73 (40 on going damage) = Beebs Kills
Vampire = 69 damage 87 = Rhea Kills
Skelton 3 = 103 Damage = HK Kills
Skelton 4 = 128 damage = Beebs Kills
Skelton 5 = +138 = Beebs Kills
Death Oogie Boogie = 37HP
73+63 (bloodied)+105 = Beebs kills

Rhea = 220HP.

Greet the prince’s forces and get the escalation dice +1

Plus 1 on attacks and saves with HK’s beautiful chanting of the musketeers.
Attack roll is now even or plus 1 to an odd roll for one turn.

 Cloven nine gang rushes in to assist and they give you temporary hit points equal to your next 20 roll.
 Plus 3d6 damage to your next attack

 +2 AC for escaping from the vampire. Rhea calls upon a spell to make it seems like a storm of chickens so that she can escape.

 Priestess Rava has been spotted and now the battle die is 12 sided dice.
 Sorcerers from Zobeck use their magic to weaken the death oggie boogie.

Rhea takes 50 = 220-50 = 170HP and weakened. 170+42(recover) = 212HP-2 = 210HP-25HP=185HP and weakened.

HK gives +2 attack for Rhea’s next attack.

 Dwarven airships attack the undead and the breach has been secured.

 Everyone gets a full rest and an advance (gain Elemental Destroyer Heritage Champion Feat) 225HP

 Riots in the dock district which beebs intimidated them with her crazy eyes to calm down. The dwarf blimp blew up and causes a fire. Rhea uses her whirlwind to float the chickens to the blimp, trying to flap their wings to put the fire out. They actually catch on fire and fly into the houses. HK uses his speakers to call aid to put the fires out that the chickens caused.

 The elves arrive and the elf queen has sent aid. Eagle riders fly on their griffins and we are able to signal them down. Inside the city the blood prince’s army is still running around in the city. You think that this all of the army which means that this blood prince has gone rogue, not supported by the rest of the undead army/Nation.

 Rhea flags down the eagle riders to help rescue the Zobeck’s civilians. While everyone else is putting out fires, Samuel Direll motions HK over.

 1st he thanks HK for defending the city. He has some news that will help us. – The black prince has thrown in with the ghoul emperor, representing someone who doesn’t like that arrangement. He’s a rival. He is trying to find the crown of aron of darkness. As we speak forces are coming upon the seal in zobeck (located in the crown square). It’s laid in the cobblestone where people give tribute to the shadow elves. The undead are converging there and the crown was hidden there. Or they could be wrong.

 We believe that the attacks are a diversion so that they can find the crown. The undead are digging up everything and descending into the basements/sewers. They are searching for something.

 We arrive at the crown square and there has been fighting. If you can hold out here until escalation dice.

30 – morgal blood knights
Unlimited – zombies (Like on the walking dead with the zombie mosh pit)

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