The 13th age of Midgard

Battle of Zobec

The adventurers head to their friend Zadro’s farm for either a well-deserved rest or a reason or two connected to their icon relationships and previous adventures, depending on the adventurer. Unfortunately they get caught up in a bold invasion by the forces of the Blood Princes, and are forced into action to defend Zobeck from attack.


NEW MISSION – Battle of Zobeck

Berta: The Beebs (Not to be mistaken with boobs)
Fletch: Stein (Pronounced like the beer stein)
Jason: AytechKae (pronounced HK)
Khat: Rhea Wynters (from the River Lands)

Zadro is an old friend which you’re going to meet. You all know each other in the market. You all know zardro and you visit him at the watch station called glimmerfarm. He retired to be a watchman in the farmlands. Zadro (experimenter of chickens) who will warn zobeck if the ghoul emperor should attack.
(The ghoul emperor – Nicoforus )

How we know each other:
Stein worked together with AytechKae and they know the farmer because they had some adventures/campaigned together in the past. Old solider friends during the trollkin war. Beasties for life.

Beebs knows AytechKae during a previous adventures multiple adventures, Going off of the lynch queen, made for each other quest.

Rhea knows Zadro due to helping him calm and work well with the chickens since she’s a creature whisperer. Rhea is dragging Beebs with her to Zadro’s house and she’s interested in seeing a farming life.

+200 Gold (Everyone) / +500 Gold for Rhea and Stein / +Bunch of Gold for AytechKae and Beebs

Market (start of the Journey)

Talisman of Protection (150 Gold) – Allows half damage to when you get attacked.
Talisman of Protection (200 Gold) – Allows half damage to when you get attacked. (15% do something special and interesting)
Trail Dust (Standard action) (150 Gold) – maximizes a recovery
Epic Potion (200 Gold) – Heals (3d8)

 As you leave the marketplace you see someone preaching doom. She is foretelling a comet coming to destroy us. She has seen the end and no relive will assist you. AytechKae deciphers that she is talking about a flaming comet that will release the old ones. Rhea deciphers something about the Arch Mage and something about polar bears. Beebs gives her an aggressive shaking with evil look to get the preacher to finish her ramblings.

 When the comet appears you can reroll one skill, save, or attack roll as the sears ramblings make clear sense. (Only Rhea and AytechKae could understand the ramblings)
 Left side is the Dwarf Mountains that has dwarf raiders that will enslave you, right hand side is the Margrave forest that no one enters, and along the way you see the griffin towers.
 Stein was able to fight off the Direwolves while we were traveling. He used some spells around the camp to scare them off.
 Beebs uses his crazy eyes against all of us to calm us down. She goes around slapping everyone, chillax, get a grip will ya. Then everyone is scared of Beebs more than we are of the forest around us.
 You reach the glimmer farm early in the morning, no one is there, but you find a grazing cow. Zadro is nowhere to find. You can search the cottage, the beacon (firewood/star pattern), old tower, and the old lawn.

 Beebs does her crazy eyes to look around in the areas around us. Beebs searches the lawn and finds a broken glass under a tree. You think it was something circle curve pieces of glass.
 AytechKae searches the beacon, but there is nothing nearby to light it. He doesn’t find anything, but he is distracted by the bad smell surrounding the area.
 Stein looks around the cottage, seeing Zadro mid-way through his breakfast, sitting on a bench. Stein doesn’t find anything in the cottage except for chickens in the barn.
 Rhea (also known as the chicken whisperer) finds the broken down tower, not very much to see it, but at the top of the watchtower you see some wood. It looks like he used to sit up here and enjoy the forest.

 Out of NO WHERE we get attacked by the 2 Groups of reverence (Awesome zombies) , Skelton archers (5), 2 vampire necromancers (2).
 Enemies:
Zombie Reverence/ Skelton Archer (63 HP kills) (Killed by AytechKae x5, Beebs x3. Rhea x 3, Stein x1)
Female Vampire Necromancer (130+HP) AC is 26. (killed by Beebs)
Male Vampire Necromancer (killed by stein)

Weakened (-4 attack), Rhea attacked by 50 damage, one battle removed a spell (Dragon’s Breath spell). 185-50= 135HP. Second round (Not weakened). Attacked for -30HP = 105HP.

 Kill all the enemies and release Zadro from being trapped under the tower. Zadro states that he needs to start the fire to warn Zobeckians. Zadro casts a spell that shows a preview of the undead army marching towards us/Zobeck.
 The blood prince’s magic is making it harder for the other towers to see the burning flames at night. We will have to start the fire at night and make sure that they see it before they leave. We can now do a total of 6 skill checks (no more than 2 individually). Fortify the cottage, look for oils, woods, animal fat, fortify the watchtower, gather rocks to drop on the undead, dig pits, etc.

 Zadro pulls back the cloth on his cart, has rice and general tacos chicken. My experiences have not stopped.

Beebs tried to get a rock and put it at the top of the tower, but it slipped off the side of the tower. (Fail)
Moving rocks, wood, but you can’t get it to work.(Stein)(Fail)
**HK created some pit traps. (Success)

  • Reha found some oil, but I had to put the sheep down to get the fat. Help light the beacon. (Success)
  • Stein foresters for some wood in the area around us, didn’t find any more wood. (Fail)
    **HK tries to fortify the tower. (Success)

(Repairs on the fort = +1 on defense on attackers if you are in the fort and they are outside.)
(Beacon/tower = remove mooks from the fight if the fight stars/move)
(Oil fat = to get fire started quickly, starts escalation die at 1.)
(When escalation dice reaches 6 the other towers will see you, flee before than you have a campaign loss.)

Battle of Zobec
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